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FINAL FANTASY XV (2016), 65x81 cm, olja på duk.  SOLD
THE DREAMER (2018) 80x100cm.  SOLD
MORNING LIGHT (2019), 80x100cm. SOLD
GRAVITY (2019) 100x150cm.  SOLD
UNKNOWN (2018) 120x80cm SOLD
SPACE (2017) 90x130cm. SOLD
THE SHADOW (2019) 70x100cm. SOLD
RED HAIR & PINK DRESS (2019) 72x90cm.  SOLD
HIDING PLACE (2019) 100x100cm.  SOLD
NEW YEARS EVE (2019) 110x80cm.  SOLD
THE POOL (2017) oil, 100x81cm.  SOLD
WAVES (2018) 80x120cm. SOLD
SPACE AND TIME (2015) 60x120cm.  SOLD
Silence (2016) 65x100cm. SOLD
THE GAZE (2017) 80x60cm. Oil on liten,  SOLD
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